Formula 1’s Blockchain Game Offers 30 ETH in Pole Position Contest

Formula 1 fans and crypto enthusiasts, here is a chance for you to win some Ethereum (ETH)trade and other digital tokens by taking part in Pole Position Auction for F1 Delta Time.

F1 Delta Time is an official blockchain game by Animoca Brands that uses the second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum. A Pole Position auction will be held on 28th November 2019 for 10 official Formula 1 team cars. This contest makes the game more interactive and engaging, allowing fans to win prizes, ETH and other virtual tokens by participating.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for 10 official F1 team cars will also go on auction at the same time. These NFTs are of Epic rarity; what is Epic rarity? In the game, there are 5 rarity levels of the cars. These levels are Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Apex (these are from the least to most rare). In Formula 1, only cars that are of level Epic or higher are used. The auction will start from 30 ETH (about $4,400 at current ETH price) and go down from there, following a pattern of descending Dutch auction.

The Pole Position Contest allows users to predict the order in which they think F1 team cars will be sold. Winners can earn 30 ETH along with other NFTs and prizes. Pole position Contest is now active and will remain so till 27th November 2019. Contestants can participate without paying any fee, all they have to do is follow the following steps:

To win the most, participants should have their predicted order as close to the original order as possible. The more the accuracy, the more the prizes.

There will be two types of winners, Pro and Rookie. In total there will be 10 Pro winners and 10 Rookie winners. Each of the Pro winner will receive a highly rare F1 Delta Time car gear, along with 2 ETH. On the other hand, each of the Rookie winner will also receive F1 Delta Time car gear. Rookie winners will receive only 1 ETH, instead of 2.

The cars involved include: Ferrari SF90, McLaren MCL34, Toro Rosso STR14, Williams FW42, Alfa Romeo Racing C38 and Mercedes AMG W10. - Самые важные новости достойные вашего внимания из более чем 300 изданий!